57 Hump Day Pics That Will Help You Survive This Week


Get over the hump by laughing your way through these fresh dank memes


  1. Posted by reesemichael713, — Reply

    Im wheezing lmaooo

  2. Posted by naee9091, — Reply

    Keeps the cereal fresh

  3. Posted by malisedean, — Reply

    LMFA I was just chillin being a couch potato and then I saw this I actually had to get up from laughing so hard so I could breathe

  4. Posted by hollybear3369, — Reply

    My mom does this except she rolls up the bag Inside the Box and will sometimes get rid of other cereal boxes and put those bags inside another cereal box. I hate it so much.

  5. Posted by CypherHunt, — Reply

    literally yesterday I walked into my kitchen and ALL FIVE CERIAL BOXES HAD BEN FOLDED LIKE THIS I live with a family of psychopaths

  6. Posted by xxjazzytheweirdoxx, — Reply

    I'm dead what the heck? 😂

  7. Posted by vjenni0484, — Reply

    she doing the box like it a bag of chips LMFAO

  8. Posted by kikinathifa, — Reply

    Turned the cereal box to a damn purse 😂🤣

  9. Posted by nataliewebb0211, — Reply

    Bruh I can barley open one how does she do it teach me your ways

  10. Posted by eastenslaughter, — Reply

    I saw this a few years ago and thought nothing of it until my dad did this the other day😳

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