20 Memes That Perfectly Describe the 'Embarrassing' Symptoms of Depression


A list of memes that understand the "embarrassing" reality of depression symptoms.


  1. Posted by leaveswithteethes, — Reply

    Anxiety/constantly remembering that one awful thing that happened and then you stay up another hour because you’re too scared to try to sleep because you might think about it again, or worse, dream about it

  2. Posted by OnlyJuls_On, — Reply

    Humm I'm also fatigued for the compulsive ideas trying to makes me feel like shit and the obsessive attitudes trying to fix it, but it doesn't work obviously...

  3. Posted by AIexandra_May, — Reply

    This is how I used to feel before I started falling asleep to YouTube videos. Usually I would go back to the past and feel guilty about everything I did. But the videos are a good distraction for me.

  4. Posted by EllaDraggoo, — Reply

    Its 4 AM so i totally relate to that ^^ I have cried more than five times today and had multiple panic attacks so thats fun

  5. Posted by deadly_worrier, — Reply

    i sleep at 2, wake up at 7, get tired by the afternoon but still cant sleep, then feel exhausted till like 2 am again.

  6. Posted by NotTooBeautifulButITry, — Reply

    that why we have music, i can't sleep without listening to music-

  7. Posted by sapphicscientist, — Reply

    Welcome to purgatory. Stay for a while, the meds aren’t working

  8. Posted by elijahrettop, — Reply

    Bra tru tho

  9. Posted by elegant15bru, — Reply

    I can’t tell you how much sleep I’ve lost 🤦🏽‍♀️

  10. Posted by bubblinghope8, — Reply

    Night anxiety be like that

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